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Better Breathing

There is not enough talk out there today about airway health. But as an OMT its my job to make sure that the principals of myofunctional therapy help you breathe better than you ever have before.

The good news is that this is non invasive, and you can in complete an entire program in only a few months. 

With orofacial myofunctional therapy patients see the results they have always wanted and are sometimes even surprised by areas of their health they didn't expect to improve.

Lets talk about how......

woman taking a deep breathe outside

Breathing Exercises

Myofunctional breathing exercises are exercises that retrain the body to nasal breathing. This is important for proper regulation of the upper airway and respiratory systems. Individuals in need of improving their nasal breathing might have been told in the past to stop breathing heavy or have trouble keeping their mouths closed while they chew (smacking). This is caused by a number of factors that we will cover in therapy (as each case is unique) however the body compensates by mouth breathing. After a short time of this it becomes habit causing the individuals tongue to collapse backwards narrowing their upper airway.

By practicing proper Orofacial-Myofunctional Breathing Exercises an individual patient can reverse years or even decades of bad habits and free them up to breath like never before. If your familiar with the old expression "take a few deep breaths", then imagine taking that feeling of peace with you everywhere you go. Myofunctional Therapy utilizes the most up to date and scientifically backed breathing exercise that actually work to heal you, not just give out a quick fix. 

Airway Obstructions

We have all been short of breath at one point or another, but we can't know what we've never learned and for many of us that might mean we have an obstruction effecting our breathing patterns. Myofunctional Therapy is capable of helping with many of these obstructions and help you avoid many of the upper airway obstructions that patients experience. 

Individuals that suffer from chronic snoring, heavy breathing and poor lip seal are usually ideal candidates to take advantage of myofunctional therapy's noninvasive techniques. By utilizing natural motion in underdeveloped areas, patients can increase tongue suction and posture to enhance the quality of their breathing, energy, and sleep in ways previously unavailable to patients. 

If you could benefit or are even curious about how better airway health and breathing could help you or a loved one don't hesitate to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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