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Maxillary Expansion

Maxillary or palatal expansion is applicable for patients who's upper jaw is too narrow compared to the lower jaw. Maxillary expansion is used to correct crossbites and also will create more space for crowded teeth. The expander appliance is attached to the molar teeth and is usually worn for 4-6 months.

Lets talk about how......

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Palatal Expanders

Palatal expanders are used to stimulate and guide the development of the upper mouth (upper palate) into its fully formed, natural setting. By gradually widening the upper jaw a number of health benefits can result.


Individuals who undergo palatal expansion have a drastically reduced chance of orthodontic relapse. So if you had braces, chances are you or your kids won't need them later on in life as palatal expanders will allow the teeth and palate to have the space needed to set properly and permanently.


Although this may sound scary, it's really quite easy — both to do and to tolerate. Until puberty our jaws actually develop in two separate parts, and after puberty they fuse together, however even adults can benefit from the palatal expanders as they stimulate the release of growth hormones through repeated pressure on critical areas of the palate and allow for full development even in adulthood.


Lingual Braces are Expanders?

Short Answer, no. However the main reason many people opt for lingual braces is the cosmetic appeal and the reasonable desire not to have traditional orthodontic hardware on their teeth. In that way Palate Expanders are the same, but what they do is very different.

By practicing proper Orofacial-Myofunctional Breathing Exercises an individual patient can reverse years or even decades of bad habits and free them up to breath like never before. If your familiar with the old expression "take a few deep breaths", then imagine taking that feeling of peace with you everywhere you go. Myofunctional Therapy utilizes the most up to date and scientifically backed breathing exercise that actually work to heal you, not just give out a quick fix. 

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