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What Celebrities have Completed Myofunctional Therapy?

As myofunctional therapy catches fire around the world some famous names and influential individuals have jumped all aboard the MYO train!

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The exercises that make up myofunctional therapy are used to treat airway and breathing issues, but as you will see, some celebrities use the exercises and routines to assist in their professional careers and personal lives as well. In addition, Myofunctional therapy has exposed a worldwide need to check for tongue ties and tongue thrust and has helped many famous individuals reach satisfactory health outcomes.

Paloma Faith British singer/songwriter

Paloma Faith: The British singer/songwriter has been upfront and vocal about her and her children’s experience with Myofunctional Therapy. Paloma received a tongue tie surgery (Frenuloplasty) that she says has helped her singing and tongue flexibility. Recently she has been upfront about her second child’s struggles with breastfeeding. She has turned to myofunctional therapy due to pain that breastfeeding causes from a tongue-tied baby.

This is a very common reality for many mothers and it’s so brave that Paloma would share her story with the world. Paloma is open and honest about a very common situation that many mother’s find themselves in. “I cry a lot about it. I want the bond I felt with my first. I tried myofunctional therapy to get her tongue going and it’s helping.” That's great news Paloma keep up the great work!

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian: The Keeping up with the Kardashians star is one of the most vocal voices for myofunctional therapy out of all celebrities. Kourtney and her lifestyle brand Poosh have fully embraced the wellness and improvement that is available through myofunctional therapy. She has been public about her hopes to improve tongue dexterity and is pushing the applicable uses of myofunctional therapy exercises. She has mentioned that her romantic relationship with rock star Travis Barker of Blink 182 has, “seen the benefits of the therapy sessions”. Maybe we will find out more from Kourtney in the future and even find new therapy applications for Myofunctional Therapy. Thanks for the support Kourtney!

Patrick G. McKeown one of the world’s foremost experts in Buteyko Breathing

Patrick G. McKeown: As one of the world’s foremost experts in the Buteyko Breathing, Patrick is a huge myofunctional therapy supporter and uses his platform as an author and public speaker to promote myofunctional therapy across Europe, North America and the Asia. His bestselling book The Oxygen Advantage talks in depth about the benefits of breathing better and how everyone can benefit from airway health. We can’t wait to see how a celebrity of his caliber continues to spread the word about the many benefits of Myofunctional Therapy and Airway Health.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend and kids

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend: Ok well, this one is actually about America's favorite celebrity couple who have a child with a tongue tie. Tongue ties (Ankyloglossia) are quite common in children and even though John Legend might have the best singing voice around, that doesn’t mean tongue ties can’t strike. Teigen and Legend decided to go with a tongue tie release for their child and myofunctional therapy was a major post surgery recovery tool for their beautiful family. We can only hope we will be blessed with years of performances from this family.

Steve Pisani owner and revivalist behind d’Angelico guitars

Steve Pisani: The owner and revivalist behind d’Angelico guitars used Myofunctional Therapy to help his vocal performances and boost marketing behind the guitars that have now become a household name. The therapy exercises and routines that Steve underwent through his myofunctional therapy program helped revitalize the power of his voice, even after years of performances.

Madison Beer pop starlet

Madison Beer: The pop starlet used a vocal coach from Los Angeles who incorporated myofunctional therapy into her lessons. Starting out her career in a way that allowed the young singer to expand her vocal range and increase her vocal stamina. Can’t wait to see her career continue to take flight as she uses Myofunctional Therapy to boost her trademark vocal performances.

Jamie Lynn Sigler

Jamie Lynn Sigler: Jamie first started a myofunctional therapy program over a decade ago while trying to perfect her north New Jersey accent on the wildly successful drama The Sopranos as Meadow Sopranos. No fan of the show would need to double check if the program worked as Jamie Lynn turned in powerful performances season after season and was a fan favorite. Who would have thought she wasn’t from New Jersey. Thank you Myo!!!

Hoodie Allen American rapper

Hoodie Allen: The American rapper and performer of hits such as “No interruption” and “No Faith in Brooklyn'' wanted additional tongue dexterity to increase his lyrical ability. He turned to professional voice coaches who implemented a regiment of myofunctional therapy exercises as part of his tongue dexterity training. As a graduate of an Ivy League College at University of Pennsylvania and a former Google developer, let's assume Hoodie knows how to choose a therapy program wisely.

Jair Bolsonarro

Jair Bolsonarro: Brazil’s current president has become a world famous head of state for many reasons. And while people might or might not agree with his particular policies, one of his lesser known policy moves was to reduce the cost of healthcare for Brazilians. Because of this, a huge focus was placed on preventative care. Bolsonarro enforce a law passed in 2015 that mandated that as part of care all children were checked for tongue ties and that tongue tie releases were part of nationwide healthcare programs.

Robin Gorman Newman NYC theater producer and best selling author

Robin Gorman Newman: This NYC theater producer and best selling author not only implemented myofunctional therapy for her own personal vocal performances but promotes and recommends others do the same. Many of the exercises that she learned are recommended to her performers and theatrical colleagues. It will be interesting to see if in the future myofunctional therapy becomes a standard on Broadway.

We can only hope many other celebrities, professionals and households all across America and the world are starting to experience the multitude of benefits as well as helping identify tongue ties, tongue thrusts and narrow airways. There is truly no limit to the benefits that myofunctional therapy is continuing to reveal and treat for people all around the world. If you believe that you or someone in your family could benefit from a consultation or therapy program don’t hesitate to contact me. I am ready to help you get the same treatment that the stars receive.

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