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What Are The Benefits of a Palatal Expander

Why Maxillary Expansion Is A Positive For Patients

Have you ever thought to yourself that you feel too small for your body, uncomfortable in your own skin? Well you just might have justification for feeling that way. While in the early 20th century Maxillary deficiency (maxillary hypoplasia) was thought to come only from fetal alcohol syndrome medical research has thankfully continued to study hypoplasia in the maxillary areas so that the stigma has been totally removed. We now know that many contributing factors can cause a maxillary deficiency.

Genetic inheritance is still a major contributing factor, however everything from breathing patterns, Angleman’s syndrome, Crouzon syndrome, and the most common; childhood developmental issues. The good news is maxillary deficiency is no longer something that patients have to live with or even go under the knife to correct.

doctor wearing glasses looking at x-rays

That is why Maxillary expansion is such an exciting development for so many patients across the world. With an dental appliance similar to a retainer the bones and muscles of the face and mandibular area can be expanded by utilizing the body’s own genetics.

Okay, okay, so this all sounds amazing right. But now you must be wondering, “how does this all work”?

How Does The Palatal Expander Appliance Work?

The idea behind expansion appliances is to make use of the genes in each of us that stimulate the development of the facial, mouth and jaw bones.

closeup of a woman putting on her retainer

The dental appliance aims to fix all problems as well as assist in palate development for issues that can occur in young children from things such as overindulgent thumb sucking and prolonged bottle feeding by regulating a specific amount of pressure on the most important areas of the mount to stimulate proper, healthy development of the face. This will send signal to your body to release growth hormones in the targeted area. This induction of new bone growth will allow the maxilla to expand to the proper proportions that your genetic code intended.

Imagine never having to undergo any type of surgery and correcting multiple health and development issues at one time. It is as close to a miracle product as the dental industry has seen in decades. Patients who have undergone maxillary expansion using an expansion appliance often report the following”

  • Wider Smile

  • Fuller Jaw

  • Reduction in airway obstruction

  • Proper Palatal Growth

  • Ease of Nasal Breathing

  • Teeth Straightening

  • Stronger more defined Jawline

  • Ease of chewing and swallowing

  • Proper tongue resting position

***Compliments from strangers not included but definitely expected.

So what does Maxillary Expansion Treat?

Epigenetic orthodontic appliances are an absolute game changer and while they treat all levels of maxillary deficiency the benefits don’t just stop there. Patients who are good candidates for appliances can have all of the following symptoms treated or entirely repaired using the system:

  • Nasal Obstruction

  • Narrow and Underdeveloped Arches

  • Crooked Teeth

  • Improperly Formed Palatal Arches

  • Crowded Teeth

  • Chronic Nasal Congestion

  • Improper Tongue Placement

  • Cranial Pressure

  • Narrow airway issues

  • Underdeveloped Facial Bones

As each and every patient is different immediately jumping into an expansion appliance may or may not be right for a particular patient. However the exciting medical breakthroughs that are maxillary expansion appliances is too important not to talk about and write to inform each of you. If you have any questions or want any additional information about how you and your loved ones can benefit.

If you have questions about Palatal Expansion or any other orofacial, myofunctional, airway or maxillary topics send me a message and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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